Air Furnace Matched Systems

Gas furnace systems, also called air furnace matched systems, combine an air conditioning condenser, evaporator coil and gas furnace. They eliminate the need for an air handler unit for air conditioning.

Gas furnace systems use one blower to force conditioned air through your ducts. Not only are they space-saving, but they’re also economical. With one purchase, you can upgrade both your heating and cooling.

They are central ducted split systems, which means one part, the condenser stores outside. The other components, the furnace plus coil, store inside in a basement, closet, attic or crawl space.

From one central location inside, the blower in your furnace feeds heated air into your ductwork for hot air distribution throughout the building. For cooling, the furnace forces ambient air through your evaporator coil and then into the ducts for central air conditioning. The evaporator coil usually sits on top of the furnace.

Features to consider when purchasing a gas furnace system include:

    • Air conditioning capacity, detailed in BTUs and tonnage (12,000 BTUs = 1 Ton).
      • Gas heating capacity, listed as BTU.
        • Gas heating efficiency, referred to AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the AFUE, the higher the efficiency.
        • Blower motor type – A multi-speed ECM motor or variable speed motor will keep the room temperature noticeably more stable and use less fuel than a standard 1-speed motor.
        • Gas valve type – A 2-stage valve or modulating gas valve will regulate the room temperature more economically than a 1-stage gas valve and prevent temperature fluctuations experienced with 1-stage gas valves.
        • Flue type – If you want your furnace to be in the highest efficiency range of 90% AFUE to over 98.5% AFUE you may choose a condensing furnace, which requires a PVC flue.

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