We are based and ship out from Doral, Florida


Daikin is one of the top brands out there right now. Their unit are manufactured overseas, Japan, although they are working to manufacture in the US soon. We also have a very comparable brand called Klimaire which come with great features and are a bit more economic. Their units are manufactured overseas, China.


Shipping is free for orders over $200 within the continental United States and includes free optional lift-gate service.



Yes, there is a sound rating on every unit measured in dB(A) This information can be found in the technical specifications sheet in the download section. Look for Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) in the sheet.


For Daikin units, warranty is 10-year parts and compressor or 12-year parts and compressor. (depending on the unit)

For Goodman units, warranty is 10-year parts and compressor.

For Klimaire units, warranty is 1-year parts and 5-year compressor.

For Klimaire HYPERHEAT units, warranty is 5-year parts and 7-year compressor.

For LG units, warranty is 5-year parts and 7-year compressor.


We offer some mini-split units bundled with the line set. There is a “What’s Included” section under the overview of the item which will show if the line set is included or not. If the line set is not included, you can check the accessories tab to purchase the line sets separately.


If your unit comes with Wifi integrated or the Wifi adapter, you remotely control your units via a secure connection to your home network using your smart phone, allowing for superior comfort. Using your smart phone, you have full Wi-Fi control over your air conditioner. This will enable you to send instructions to your air conditioner, and within a short time your air conditioner will respond to the command. You will also be able to check the temperature and settings of your AC and adjust settings as you like.

If the unit does not have Wifi integrated or the option for a Wifi adapter, you can use the Klimaire Breeze Smart Controller. Klimaire Breeze is a plug & play smart air conditioner controller. It’s simple to install. You can hang it on the wall or place it on a table in AC / Heat Pump's line of sight. Your smart controller directly connects to your home Wi-Fi router and controls your air conditioner through IR signals. Klimaire Breeze smart controller is compatible with amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, helps you to save on your energy bills.

The Wi-fi app will allow you to:

Turn your unit On/Off

Adjust fan speed

Set the mode: Auto / Cool / Dry / heat / Fan

Set fan speed: Auto wind / High / Mid / Low

Louver horizontally

Louver vertically

Adjust room temperature according to your preferences

Set timer on / off


See current room temperature

Check the status of your unit and see a detail report


All units are pre-charged for 15 feet up to 25 feet of copper tubing. If extended or shortened you may have to adjust the refrigerant charge.


Heat & Cool has teamed up with Bread to offer quick, no hassle financing terms to our customers. You can choose the products you want to purchase and pay for it over time using financing. We offer flexible Payment Terms of 6, 12, 24 and 36 Months. Should you still have any additional questions about Bread’s financing program, you can reach out to them directly at or 844.992.7323.



We recommend having a licensed HVAC contractor install our units to avoid voiding Your warranty. This will ensure quality and makes sure the unit operates effectively. We have an engineering department dedicated to assisting technicians installing and troubleshooting the system correctly, we advise once on-site have your technician contact our department for assistance.


For example purposes, we’ll be using 3-ton, 16-SEER vs 14-SEER air conditioners because they are popular sizes and choices in the Phoenix area. So, a 3-ton, 16-SEER unit in Phoenix saves you about $81/year in electricity costs over a 14-SEER unit. Take into consideration how long you plan on being in your home and the price difference between the 2 air conditioners


This service is fairly new and we are offering an installation option for Goodman units in Florida only. The installation service is conducted by a 3rd party and has a set price depending on the tons of the unit. We re working to get more competitive pricing for the installation services soon by having our own in-house installers vs using a 3rd party.

How fast do you guys ship?

Your unit will be shipping out of the warehouse within 24 to 72 business hours, which means you're more than likely to get your unit in about a week or so.

Where are you guys located?

We are in Miami, Fl.

What mini-split brands do you guys sell?

We provide Klimaire, Goodman, LG, & Daikin mini-split units.

What central A/C & Heating brands do you sell?

We provide Goodman, Klimaire & Direct Comfort.

How does a mini-split compare to a central unit?

Mini-splits are considerably more energy efficient than most ducted central A/C systems due to the fact that the mini-splits technology to operate, and thus allowing the system to dehumidify much better. They operate in extreme weather conditions. Since they serve individual rooms each zone can be set different temperatures and can be turned off if it is not needed. Unlike central units there are no duct work so there is no duct losses delivering heating or cooling from one location to another through unconditioned attic spaces or crawl spaces.

Will the freight company call, once my unit ships?

Yes, they will be contacting you ahead of time; prior to delivery and make an appointment

Will you send me a confirmation email?

Yes, as soon as the payment transaction goes through, we will be sending you an invoice/confirmation email of your order detailing the system’s purchased, as well as the quantity and the price for each item. This also includes the grand total of the order.

Will you send me an email with the tracking info?

Yes, once your unit has shipped, our fulfillment department will be sending you an email with all your tracking information.

Do you guys provide the warranty?

We (Heat& are not the ones providing the warranty. The warranty is provided by the Manufacturer. Your warranty will depend on the Manufacturer. Some give more years of warranty than others.

How's the warranty process?

You must first register the unit in the manufacturer's website. Keep in mind that you'll need to provide model numbers, as well as the HVAC Contractor's license number. If you fail to provide one, then you'll be at risk of getting your warranty voided. Registration is a must.

If I buy from you, do I still get the warranty?

We are a certified online distributor for all the brands that we sell. So basically, you are still entitled to warranty if you buy from us, HOWEVER, system registration is a must. Also, your system has to be installed by a certified HVAC contractor. Otherwise, you'll be voiding the warranty.

Do you guys provide installation services?

We primarily just focus on the distribution aspect of the business, and therefore, do not provide install or maintenance services. We recommend looking for installers on 3rd party review sites like Yelp, Angie or through Google

Do you sell to the public, or contractors only?

Heat & Cool is open to the public. You do not have to be a contractor to buy from us, however, you do need an HVAC contractor to install your A/C system.

Do I get a better discount if I'm a contractor?

Our discounts and special prices are open to the public. However, if you become a dealer, you'll be granted better pricing than most. Better pricing and consideration will also depend on the amount of purchases you make in our website. For more information, please call 1-800-978-5628.

How do I go about choosing the right unit for me?

Well, there are a few steps to begin the process of determining the right unit for you. You first must decide on ducted central A/C or ductless. Once you make the decision, you have to determine the right amount of BTU's for the chosen system. Other Factors like Zones ( Rooms) can be taken into consideration for ductless systems. If you have any questions or doubts you can use our “Quote-By-Photo” feature or just simply reach out to us.

How do I determine the right BTU's for my system?

You need to know the square footage of your home or desired space where you want the cooling and heating to be applied. You also need to know the current insulation of the home or particular space where the cooling and heating will be applied. You must also take the geographic location into account as well. And finally, you need to know the amount of people that will inhabit that space. This is critical for the fact that on average an adult throw about 200 to 300 BTU's of heat, and if you're calculating for a coffee shop that is able to hold 30 people, then you need to multiply 30 X 300, which is 9,000 BTU's required just to accommodate the people, excluding the other 4 highlightedFAQ H&C 12-5-2018 points to be kept in mind when sizing a unit. Machinery & the amount of it, must be taken into account too. Essentially, anything that throws out heat must be computed for calculation. Once you have these 5 highlighted points calculated, then you'll know the exact unit for your needs.

What is the estimated method to seize a system.

A rule of thumb method for residential use is every 450 sq. ft. requires 12,000 Btu of cooling.

Does the Mini split systems Heats as well

If the mini split unit is a Heat pump type it will heat and cool. Most of the Klimaire units will provide heating down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (5 º F).

Does any mini split unit works harsh winter conditions

Most of the units loses their heating capacity once the ambient temperature drops. Usually at seventeen degrees (17º F) ambient temperature capacity decreases by 40%

Isthere any Mini split unit provides 100 capacity in heating mode

Klimaire KSIH Hyper-heat models provides almost full capacity at minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit (5º F) and operates efficiently down to (-13º F) degree Fahrenheit

How does the UV light filtration lamp work?

The UV light filtration system functions by purifying the air through your system providing ozone type breathable air. This is achieved by the UV rays killing all bacterial growth inside your unit which will reduce the amount of airborne pathogens, dust mites, preventing illness to your family. The UV disinfection is a chemical -free process which leaves behind no residue and can prevent mold from building up in Your indoor coil saving You money in costly repairs and having to regularly service your coil yearly. It Keeps Your family safe.

How often should I have maintenance performed on my unit?

You should have maintenance done on your air conditioning system twice a year. This not only ensures maximum efficiency, it enables us to foresee any possible problems that may occur in the near future. If You acquire our UV lamp filtration system, the times You will service Your coil yearly will be reduced to possibly "0"where Your coil will appear virtually clean.

What temperature should I set my thermostat?

Well my friend, it depends; In the summer months the average temperature setting is 78°-80°, in the winter 70°-72° seems to be the most common setting. Remember, when leaving your house, try to avoid drastic temperature changes and close all windows. Do not set your temperature back more than 5°; this will cause your unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperature setting, which will in turn consume more power.

How can I increase the efficiency and life of my home’s heating and cooling systems?

The most important thing you can do is clean and replace your filters frequently. Also, a system heats and cools more smoothly when the blower is in the “on” position. The blower provides constant air movement throughout the home and allows for better filtration. Shades, drapes, shutters, or screens should be installed on windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight. If efficiency is Your main concern, have You heard of DC inverter technology? It is a much better way to save substantially in the long-run and You won’t have so many temperature fluctuations but remain at a steady comfortable level.

Why is the higher SEER number air conditioners more expensive?

Well SEER stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio", the higher seer units will perform much more efficiently that those with lower SEER numbers, You will see a return in Your investment in a years’ time. These units provide the same amount of cooling and heating but consuming less power. I believe most power companies give a rebate incentive if you install high efficiency HVAC systems, please check your city on what the rebate will be.

Is a system with more capacity better?

No. A larger system with more capacity delivers less comfort and costs more to operate. A Non-Inverter Central Air conditioner is at its least efficient when first turning on. A system with too much capacity will run in numerous short cycles, turning on and off repeatedly, therefore causing it to be less efficient. Also keep in mind that an air conditioner only removes humidity when it’s running, so a system with shorter run cycles doesn’t remove humidity from the air very well which will cuse and excess of humidity in your conditioned space.

Should I try to keep my system from running too much, I have a central system?

If it's a Non- Inverter system then Yes. Every time your system starts up, it will use a lot of electricity and will not produce much cooling at that point. Usually a system that is too small to cool the home is more economical to run but delivers less comfort. Even though it runs nonstop, it will usually consume less power than a larger system that cycles on and off. As a rule of thumb, a unit that is either on or off is less expensive than one cycling on and off. That's the technology behind inverter systems where the system remains on , but at a low frequency, the data acquisition module on the indoor board will register the temperature via sensors and airflow then it will modulate accordingly to provide a steady comfort level.