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Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality

We suggest you clear the air and we’re not asking you to reveal any secrets. How about something easier like an air purification system for your home, office or anywhere inside where you’d like to breathe easier and feel much better. Air purification systems improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by one or a combination of methods including capturing, filtering, killing, removing or neutralizing allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, smoke and odors. Basically everything that contributes to headaches, asthma, allergies and -- believe it or not -- are very prominent in our indoor environment.

Air moisture levels also impact the quality of the air in our home and if not kept at the right level, damage furniture, drapery and promote mold growth. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers focus on healthy air moisture levels. Ventilation systems like Energy Recovery Units and Heat Recovery Units exchange indoor air with outdoor air, can improve air moisture levels and contribute to energy savings.

Central air whole house indoor air quality systems are installed as accessories to your central air conditioning system or just use your ductwork to circulate purified air throughout your home.

Another choice is a portable or self-contained unit. They require no installation, save space and can treat your entire house or just specific areas.

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