Noritz VK3-H-PVC 3"PVC 1

Noritz VK3-H-PVC 3"PVC

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  • Noritz VK3‐H‐PVC 3" PVC

    The Noritz VK3‐H‐PVC 3" PVC Concentric Horizontal Termination is an efficient, easy to install dual intake and exhaust ventilation component enabled by the state of the art technology involved with condensing tankless water heaters. This concentric termination kit allows for only one termination to be necessary on your direct vent unit, giving it a professional finish unlike any other. A bird screen is included to protect your condensing unit and the safety of your ventilation system so you can enjoy endless hot water without any troubles.

    Horizontal Termination: As a high efficiency condensing unit allows for PVC to be a viable ventilation material due to lowered exhaust temperatures, it is vital to follow installation instructions to ensure temperatures do not build within the venting system. The Noritz VK3‐H‐PVC is for 3" horizontal venting purposes only, and can not be lengthened. Follow these simple instructions and your system will be complete with both a next generation direct vent condensing unit and state of the art venting system.

    The Noritz VK3‐H‐PVC is for use with Noritz Models NRC83‐DV, NRC98‐DV, NRC661‐DV and NRC1111‐DV Tankless Water Heaters.


    • For condensing units allowing PVC ventilation
    • Only one termination
    • Includes cap with bird screen
    • For terminating horizontal applications only 3" venting for intake and exhaust
    • Compatible with water heater models NRC83, NRC98, NRC661 and NRC1111

    Key Specifications

    • Noritz
    • White
    • 14.2 in
    • 16.5 in
    • Venting
    • 7.3 lbs
    • 11.2 in
    System Specifications
    Colors White
    Height 14.2 in
    Length 16.5 in
    Shipping Time 24 to 72 hours
    Unit Type (Selector) Venting
    Weight 7.3 lbs
    Width 11.2 in