PHWT-A200 Wired remote Thermostat 2H/2C 1
PHWT-A200 Wired remote Thermostat 2H/2C 2
  • PHWT-A200 Wired remote Thermostat 2H/2C 1
  • PHWT-A200 Wired remote Thermostat 2H/2C 2

PHWT-A200 Wired remote Thermostat 2H/2C

Model Number: PHWT-A200 SKU: HCAHC1083
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  • Programmable and/or manual operation, 2 stage heat and 2 stage cool heat pump thermostat.  This Amana thermostat can be used for
    Cooling/Conventional PTAC Units with or without electric heat as well as Heat Pump PTAC units, with or without electric heat. It offers up to 4
    programmable time periods a day including morning, daytime, evening and night, 2 periods - daytime and night time or a single period. It also
    features easy to use push-button controls. Even though this thermostat is programmable, it can also be used manually to set and change your
    comfort levels.
    Push Button Controls include:

    • Heat and Cool Mode:
    • AUTO: automatically selects heat/cool mode as needed (may be disabled in installer settings)
    • OFF: thermostat stops all heating or cooling functions
    • HEAT: thermostat permits heating operation
    • COOL: thermostat permits cooling operation
    • Thermostat Fan Mode: 
    • Auto: fan operates in low or high as needed
    • Fan Low; Fan High
    • Temperature Up and Down buttons
    • **Features include:**Large, Backlit 4.25" Display
    • 2 Speed Fan - Settings include Auto, Low and High
    • Temperature Limits
    • Field Adjustable Calibration
    • Programmable
    • Auto Changeover
    • Auto Daylight Savings Time
    • PTAC/PTHP Operation - 2 Stage Heat / 2 Stage Cool; 2 Stage Heat Pump
    • Temperature Control: 45°F - 90°F
    • Accuracy: ±1°F
    • Patented Thermal Intrusion Barrier
    • Adjustable Maximum Heat / Minimum Cool Set Points
    • Hardwired

    Electrical Rating:

    • 24 VAC (18-30 VAC)
    • 1.5 amp maximum per terminal; 3 amp maximum total load
    • Easy access terminal block

    Temperature Control Ranges:

    • 45°F to 90°F, Accuracy: ±1°F
    • 7°C to 32°C, Accuracy: ±.5°C

    Terminals: R, C, W1/O/B, Y1, W2, Y2, G, S1, S2

    A wiring harness is required for all new thermostat installations


    Key Specifications

    • Amana
    System Specifications
    Thermostat Type Wired Remote