Stadler Form OSKAR Filter 2 -Pack 1

Stadler Form OSKAR Filter 2 -Pack

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  • Stadler Form OSKAR Filter Pack

    Keep Oskar’s moisture pure from minerals and other impurities typically found in water. This pack of antimicrobially-treated filters keeps the Oskar Evaporative Humidifier in top shape — and your air comfortable. Suitable for use in all Oskar Humidifiers.

    • Ensure optimum output of evaporative humidifiers (Oskar little, Oskar, Oskar big)

    • Suitable for all Oskar models: Oskar little, Oskar and Oskar big

    • Antibacterial treatment keeps the material clean and hygienic

    • Highly efficient, manufactured from plant and textile fibre

    • To keep efficiency stable, the cassettes should be replaced every two months

    Key Specifications

    • Stadler Form
    System Specifications
    Handling Cost 5
    Must ship freight Yes
    Shipping Cost 12
    Shipping Time 24 to 72 hours