Sight glass sweat type for condensing unit 1

Sight glass sweat type for condensing unit

Model Number: ECT-SG3S (PPDRISG3S) SKU: HCKPI1757
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  • ECT-SG3S: Sight glass

    Sight glass provides a quick visual indicator of the moisture and refrigerant levels within a system.  The sight glass diagnoses if the system has the proper refrigerant level, a restricted dryer or excessive pressure-drop. It is great in providing warnings that may give you potential failure when it comes to corrosion, chemical damage, restricted flow, or even a compressor failure.

    • Leak proof
    • Single Indicator for all common refrigerants
    • Indicates quick visual diagnosis of refrigerant and moisture levels within the system.
    • Sight Glass, Sweat, Connection, 3/8"

    Key Specifications

    • DiversiTech
    • Standard
    System Specifications
    Must ship freight Yes
    Related Product Group 14
    Shipping Cost 9.99
    Unit Type (Selector) Standard