Noritz NC380SV 380,000 BTU Tankless Water Heater 1

Noritz NC380SV 380,000 BTU Tankless Water Heater

Model Number: NC380SV-NG SKU: HCNAC1176-NG
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  • Noritz – NC380SV Condensing Tankless Water Heater

    If you are looking for a tankless unit that can handle large heavy duty applications, look no further. The NC380SV series can provide hot water to meet the demands of hotels, resorts and housing complexes. A single unit can produce over 13 gallons per minute. With a single system controller, you can connect up to 24 units, which is equivalent to 316 gallons per minute at 9.1 million Btuhs. With its stainless steel casing and ASME accreditation, no other tankless water heater on the market can match its durability and performance. PVC CANNOT be used on this unit for venting.


    • Designed to provide enough hot water to meet the demands of hotels, resorts, or housing complexes with ASME certification and the ability to link multiple units in series
    • 380,000 max BTU's for up to 13.2 GPM flow at a 45 degree temperature rise
    • Adding quick‐connect cable allows the installer to quickly and easily connect 2 identical units to supply more hot water
    • Designed to work with a multi‐unit system controller to connect up to 24 units to meet even greater hot water demands
    • Direct ignition means no standby pilot light to waste energy
    • Commercial grade HRS35 copper alloy heat exchanger and fully modulated burner work together to provide increased efficiency, stabilize temperature fluctuations, and boost performance of the flow rate for long life under heavy use
    • Corrosion‐free stainless steel casing protects the unit and allows for more efficient cleaning which reduces labor and maintenance costs
    • Self‐diagnostic onboard computer system, combined with the included digital remote, provides ease of maintenance with full diagnostic ability and temperature adjustment
    • Each unit takes up less than 3 square feet of space and can be installed inside or outside on walls or racks allowing them to fit nearly anywhere
    • Uses Category III 5" stainless steel venting
    • Dimensions: 29.7"h x 19.1"w x 11.8"d

    Your Tankless Water Heater from Heat and Cool comes with:

    • NC380SV | Tankless Water Heater
    • Energy Guide
    • Installation Manual
    • Owners Guide
    • Parts List
    • Technical Specification

    Key Specifications

    • Noritz
    • 13.2 gpm
    • 13.2 gpm
    • 8.3 gpm
    • 13.2 gpm
    • Yes
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • 180 ºF
    • 0.7 gpm