BRC1H71W Madoka Wired Controller (P1P2) 1
BRC1H71W Madoka Wired Controller (P1P2) 2
  • BRC1H71W Madoka Wired Controller (P1P2) 1
  • BRC1H71W Madoka Wired Controller (P1P2) 2

BRC1H71W Madoka Wired Controller (P1P2)

Model Number: BRC1H71W SKU: HCDNA2736
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    Compact and stylish design

    • Configurable LED light ring (Dimmable/Off) and LCD brightness
    • Simple and Intuitive touch buttons and a physical On/Off button
    • Selective Display Mode: Text display, Icon display, Scale (Text) display, and Scale (Icon) display
    • Display of Temperature and Setpoint in 1°F / °C increments
    • Customizable display to show selected information only


    • Up to 16 indoor units can be controlled together within one remote controller group
    • Within one remote controller group, up to 2 Madoka Remote Controllers can be used, one as a main and one as sub

    Leveled user authority

    • 3 levels at the controller user, administrator/owner, and installer
    • Configurable passwords to access administrator/owner and installer menu in the controller
    • 2 levels at the App: administrator/owner and installer

    Bluetooth quick configuration app available for both Administrator and Installer

    • Can manually set multiple settings at the same time
    • Can create and save pre-configuration files

    Advanced indoor unit control:

    • Temperature sensor built-in with configurable offset
    • Dual setpoints (independent cooling and heating setpoints) with configurable minimum setpoint differential or Single Setpoint (occupied period)
    • Setpoint range limit for cooling and heating modes
    • Independent cooling and heating setback setpoints (unoccupied period)
    • Auto changeover control with configurable primary and secondary changeover dead bands and guard timer
    • Airflow — Individual air flow direction, dual airflow and auto draft prevention (prevents air blowing directly on occupants).
    • Automatic Setback by occupancy sensor*
    • Automatic Off by occupancy sensor`
    • Configuration for Self-cleaning filter panel"
    • Real-time monitoring of system malfunctions with immediate display of unit in error and error code
    • Remote controller function prohibition: mode (or prohibit specific modes), fan speed, setpoint •

    Advanced features

    • Supported language: English, Spanish or French
    • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time (DST)
    • 48-hour clock/calendar battery backup


    • Can mount to a drywall or an electrical component box
    • Mounting plates and screws are included

    Key Specifications

    • Daikin
    • Yes
    • Standard
    • Yes
    System Specifications
    Dimensions WxHxD (in) 3.35”W x 3.35”H x 0.98”D
    Must ship freight Yes
    Shipping Time 1 to 2 Days
    Smart Technology Yes
    Product Weight 0.42 ounces
    Unit Type (Selector) Standard
    Wi-Fi Enabled Yes