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Head Pressure Control

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  • ICM Head Pressure Controls for Low Ambient Conditions

    Air conditioning systems work harder during hot weather but most of the serious problems occur during coldest weather. Air conditioning systems are very commonly used during low ambient conditions. When your condenser is surrounded by cold weather the head pressure drops and the system becomes less efficient which can lead to evaporator freeze-ups, hydraulic lock-ups, liquid slugging, and worst case scenario a compressor burn out. The solution is to install a head pressure control. If the system pressure gets too low or the condenser temperature gets too cold the ICM control lowers the fan speed rather than just turning off the fan completely like other head pressure control. If you continuously shut the condenser fan on and off, the system pressure becomes inconsistent and often results in inconsistent cooling, clanking pipes, leaks, rattling ducts, leaks, and stress that adds extra wear and tear on condenser fan motor and compressor. ICM low ambient fan speed control makes sure the condenser fan always runs at correct speed for maximum efficiency. Eliminate inconsistent cooling, clanking pipes and the extra wear and tear that can shorten the life span of your condenser by choosing ICM head pressure control. 

    • ICM head pressure controls operate as temperature-sensitive motor fan speed controls.
    • Head pressure is regulated during low ambient conditions by varying the amount of airflow through the condenser.
    • Typical applications: A/C and heat pumps.
    • ICM helps prevent evaporator freeze-ups, liquid-slugged compressors, low pressure cutouts and overshoots by constantly shutting the condenser fan on/off.

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