3/8" Sweat connection Liquid line filter drier 16 cu in 1

3/8" Sweat connection Liquid line filter drier 16 cu in

Model Number: ECT-SS163S (PP-DRI163S) SKU: HCKPI1756
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  • ECT-SS163S: Filter Drier for R-22/R410A, R404A/R507, R134a

    A Filter-driers is a key component in an air conditioning system. Filter driers adsorb system contaminants such as water and provide physical filtration. Removing water is the primary function of the filter drier, water can come from many sources, such as trapped air and system leaks. Moisture in the system can have a reaction with the refrigerants and cause hydrofluoric acid. These acids unchecked can cause havoc on your air conditioning system. Over time, pumping acid through the system will burn the insulation off the wires in the compressor. Once the wires have no more insulation, they will ark with the metal inside the compressor causing tripped breakers. Never allow anyone to open your air conditioners system without replacing the filter drier.

    • Moisture in the refrigeration system is detrimental to the operation and life of the system.
    • The filter-drier is designed to remove any particulates that may circulate in the sealed system as well as collect and hold any moisture that may be present in the system.
    • Every time the system is disconnected because there is a leak, or you have replaced a new compressor, a new filter-dryer must be installed.
    • Compatible with polyolesters, polyalkylene glycols, alkylbenzenes, and mineral oils.

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