Split air conditioner

Split air conditioners are a great option for cost conscious consumers who still want a quality and attractive way to heat and cool their homes, offices or work spaces. A Split air conditioner provides all the benefits of central heating and cooling without the added costs, property damage and time consumed by installation. A Split air conditioner can easily be installed in your space to heat and cool as little or as much space as you need.

For consumers who need to heat or cool a small space, an apartment, a multi-family home or a room or small addition to your house, aSplit air conditioner may be your best, most efficient and cost effective option. Central cooling requires duct work. Installing duct work is both disruptive to the structure of your home and noisy for you and your neighbors to put up with. It is also very costly and once installed the ducts themselves are great energy wasters. As much as 30% of your energy costs can be lost through leaky duct work.

While a Split air conditioner represents a substantial cost savings over central air conditioning, they do cost more than a window unit. However, this cost difference is more than recouped in the dual ability of the unit to heat and cool and do so efficiently over as large or small an area as you desire. You can buy units that can heat several rooms or simply a single room. This provides great flexibility when considering your energy consumption needs. When compared to a window unit, a Split air conditioner is both quieter and more efficient. Moreover, the type of vent you purchase can vary as well depending on how you want your home to appear. You can units that mount on the wall or ceiling or sit on the floor, creating for more attractive options than a big, hulking device in the window.

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