Heat and Cool is an online subsidiary division of Universal Environmental Products, Inc. whose experience in the HVAC industry exceeds thirty years. In the provision of the mini-split equipment, Heat and Cool’s focus is quite simple and adheres to the belief that if the facility provides customers with the best pricing, support and products it will earn both business and respect. Heat and Cool publishes its prices up-front with no hidden loop holes and additional costs. Heat and Cool is able to offer the mini-split air conditioners at rock bottom pricing because the facility deals direct with the manufacturers, has state-of-the-art support, and engineers on staff to respond to queries. In purchasing the mini split air conditioners through the online Heat and Cool shopping store customers cut out all the middle-men usually associated with profit making on one product while receiving the best customer support in the industry.

Heat and Cool’s parent company, Universal Environmental Products, Inc., holds the largest stock of mini split ductless systems in the United States and Klimaire Products, Inc., the parent company, manufactures and distributes HVAC equipment, including mini split air conditioners, to its dealers in more than seventy countries around the world. Customers purchasing mini split air conditioners from Heat and Cool can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality products, the very best pricing, and customer support. AC Factory Outlet and Klimaire mini split air conditioners and all other products sell to countries worldwide and Heat and Cool is capable of shipping all products directly from one of its warehouses to any destination in the world no matter the quantity, size or model ordered. Customers looking to purchase in large quantities can contact one of the facility’s engineers to have questions answered and one of Heat and Cool’s product-knowledgeable salespersons who will find the very best price available.

Heat and Cool offers Klimaire’s 13 Seer 24,000Btu/h cooling and heating mini split air conditioner and this air conditioner comes with optional silver ion filter and Vitamin C filter, and is being offered at a sales price of $1,075, which will mean an enormous saving of $648. Heating and cooling mini split air conditioners are very efficient and affordable at Heat and Cool’s cost-effective prices. Each one of Heat and Cool’s Klimaire split air conditioners can bring clean and refreshing cool air into a room in the hot summer months and invitingly warm air in the cold winter months, no matter how low the exterior temperature. The benefit of a mini split air conditioner with a Vitamin C filter option is that the air is filled with vitamin C will soften the skin and help to reduce stress. The silver ion filter kills bacteria or prevents their activity at very low density by destroying their inner configuration and absorbing their elements in cells. Heat and Cool’s mini split air conditioners are easy to clean and made from durable electrolytic zinc steel sheet and anti-rust coated components.