Amana FK10K Filter Kit  - for J & K series models 1

Amana FK10K Filter Kit - for J & K series models

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  • Amana FK10K 10 Pack Spare Return Air Filter Kit

    The Amana FK10K Filter Kit is designed exclusively for the J and K Series Amana PTACs, providing essential spare return air filters for optimal performance.
    This kit comprises 20 total filters, with 2 filters needed per PTAC unit, allowing for 10 complete filter replacements.
    Regular maintenance of these filters is crucial to prevent dirt and lint from entering the air and accumulating on the coil, ultimately enhancing the unit's efficiency.

    Monthly Maintenance

    To ensure the operational performance of the PTAC unit, it is imperative to clean the inlet air filters monthly, or more frequently in dusty or dirty conditions.
    The two intake air filters, made of durable polypropylene, can be easily inserted into the cabinet front using the provided filter guides. Before cleaning the intake filters, turn the unit off by setting the mode switch to the OFF position. Follow the steps below to remove, clean, and reinstall the intake filters:

    1) Facing the unit, pull up on the filter handles located at the front top of the unit.
    2) Lift each filter upward and remove.
    3) Clean filters with a vacuum or running water. Reverse this procedure to reinstall the filters.

    All filters included in the Amana FK10K Filter Kit are permanent and cleanable, contributing to the longevity and sustained efficiency of the PTAC unit.

    Key Specifications

    • Amana
    • FK10K
    System Specifications
    Model Number FK10K