Condensate Drain kit (use with WS900QW) 1

Condensate Drain kit (use with WS900QW)

Model Number: DK900QW SKU: ADK9QW0027
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  • DK900D  -  Condensate Drain Kit

    This kit is used to control condensate from the unit. Condensate water drains from the chassis into the sleeve during normal heat pump operation and during times of high humidity when the unit is in cooling operation.

    The drain kit allows the condensate from the outdoor and indoor coils to be routed to a suitable area. It can be installed for either outdoor or indoor use.

    For outdoor use, the condensate can be drained from either the right- or left-hand side of the wall sleeve. 

    Local codes will determine the proper condensate disposal. For indoor use, the drain components must be installed on the bottom of the wall sleeve and connected to a drain system inside the building. 

    The condensate drain attaches to the wall sleeve base pan or the wall sleeve's outside corners for controlled indoor/outdoor disposal of condensate.

    Install the wall sleeve in the wall before an indoor/outdoor drain kit is installed. 

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