Amana PSHW04A 265 Volt Physical Disconnect Switch 1

Amana PSHW04A 265 Volt Physical Disconnect Switch

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Amana PSHW04A 265 Volt Physical Disconnect Switch

The PSHW04A is a versatile 265 Volt Physical Disconnect Switch designed to meet the specific needs of electrical installations, ensuring compliance with local codes and NEC requirements.

Key Features:

  • Power On/Off Functionality: The switch provides a crucial Power On/Off function, fulfilling the requirements set by some electrical codes. This feature enhances control and safety in the operation of 265 volt units.
  • Flexible Installation: The power disconnect switch can be seamlessly installed either in the optional Standard Subbase or in the junction box of the Hard Wire Kit. This flexibility in installation adds convenience to the setup process.
  • Local Code Compliance: The PSHW04A meets NEC requirements, ensuring that it adheres to industry standards and local electrical codes. This compliance is essential for a safe and reliable electrical system.

Usage Considerations:

  • The PSHW04A power disconnect switch is particularly useful for 265 volt units and should be installed where required by local codes.

The PSHW04A 265 Volt Physical Disconnect Switch not only offers essential Power On/Off functionality but also provides flexibility in installation, meeting the necessary compliance standards for a secure electrical setup.

Key Specifications

  • Amana
  • PSHW04A
System Specifications
Model Number PSHW04A
Weight 10 lb