Noritz NR83OD 180,000 BTU Tankless Water Heater 1

Noritz NR83OD 180,000 BTU Tankless Water Heater

Model Number: NR83OD-NG SKU: HCNAC1024-NG
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  • Noritz – NR83 Residential Tankless Water Heater

    Noritz has engineered the Noritz NR83 Residential Tankless Water Heater from the ground up to be a direct replacement for tank based water heaters. The combination of endless hot water, lower monthly energy bills and reliability ensure that any homeowner can benefit from purchasing a Noritz tankless hot water heater. The commercial grade copper heat exchanger provides long term reliability guaranteed to last any homeowner for decades, and an average efficiency of 84% means that tankless replacement of indirect fired water heaters is finally not only possible, but practical. A small footprint and standard inputs and outputs translate into both ease of installation and low install costs.

    • Gas consumption ranges from 18,000 BTU/h to 180,000 BTU/h
    • Flow rates from 0.5 gpm up to 8.3 gpm
    • ANSI Z21.10.3/CSA 4.3 certified design that can be wall mounted indoors
    • Manufactured with commercial grade copper, 25% thicker piping than standard models
    • Concentric direct vent (DVC) design that uses 5"/3" Noritz
    • concentric stainless steel vent pipe and is rated for zero clearance
    • Two identical units can be linked together by using the optional Quick Connect Cord for twice the hot water capacity
    • 0.85 (NG) 0.82 (LP)
    • 85% efficient for use with natural gas or propane
    • Includes remote thermostat attached to the front
    • panel that can precisely adjust the output temperature from 100°F to 140°F and display temperatures in both °C and °F
    • Comes pre installed with 6" power cord
    • Flame Sensor, Overheat Prevention Device, Lightning Protection
    • Device, Freeze Protection
    • Temperature Lockout, High Elevation Adjustment
    • Service Reminder Function (unit can be programmed to signal a reminder for regular maintenance)
    • Durability and Reliability to Last for Decades


    Your Tankless Water Heater From Heat and Cool Comes With:

    • NR83 | Tankless Water Heater
    • Energy Guide
    • Installation Manual
    • Owners Guide
    • Parts List
    • Technical Specification

    Key Specifications

    • Noritz
    • 7.6 gpm
    • 6.7 gpm
    • 3.8 gpm
    • 8.3 gpm
    • Yes
    • Indoor
    • 140 ºF
    • 0.5 gpm