Mini split air conditioner

A mini split air conditioner can be a great choice for your home, office or industrial space. They provide you with the opportunity to heat and cool spaces without adding expensive duct work to an existing system or creating space in old walls and buildings for duct work. Installing duct work where none exists is time consuming and can be very destructive to family living arrangements. Avoid these problems by considering a ductless air conditioner. These units are an especially great fit for rooms that have been added on to your home, multi family homes or small apartments. These units give the benefit of cooling without the cost, mess and time expended for other cooling products.

Most units consist of a compressor that is placed outside and an air handling unit that is placed inside. There is a conduit linking the two components. These units make a great choice for consumers interested in size, flexibility and affordability. Most mini split air conditioners are not very large and conveniently fit into whatever room you want to heat or cool. Moreover, many models are capable of controlling the temperature in multiple rooms. Not only is this type of system much cheaper than extending or installing central air, it also generates great energy cost savings by allowing you to change the thermostat settings in different rooms.

The design of a mini split air conditioner allows for optimization of placement. You can put the compressor unit at the back of the house and still cool the front of the house. Avoiding the use of duct work also saves on installation costs and saves money from energy loss through the duct work. The indoor units come in many different designs and can be placed in a variety of different positions. Check out the great units available from the Heat and Cool website at The savings on these units are unbelievable.

Heat and Cool can provide you with a mini split air conditioner for as little as $600. There are a great number of units ranging from $595 to over a thousand that will provide you with different coverage sizes for your cool air. The unit you purchase will largely depend on the square footage area you want to temperature control. The units all are super efficient, have great filtration, provide excellent energy savings and can provide both cool air and hot air. A mini split air conditioner is the smart choice for discerning customers. Heat and Cool is the right choice when considering a new air conditioner. This company has over 30 years industry experience and believes in providing the best pricing, products and customer support in these difficult times. You can learn more about this great company or the great products it sells by visiting its website at or by calling toll free 1-800-281-2665 (Cool). Pick up the phone now or got the website and learn how to heat and cool your home with a mini split air conditioner that will save you money, time, and aggravation. You will be so glad you made the choice to go with the Klimaire products from Heat and Cool.