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Explore our variety of home heating appliances and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the best heating solution may be a combination of heating types. It’s great to have choices! Sure, heat pumps may be the darling of energy efficiency and flexibility. And the fact that they provide air conditioning also makes them hard to resist, and rightfully so. In the same technology family, mini-split heat pumps take energy savings and convenience a step further with inverter technology and their zoned heating ability.

Gas furnaces are the “big shots” in home heating. Anyone living in a region with frigid temperatures is familiar with the powerful heat output of fuel-burning appliances. Browse our selection of furnaces and gas furnace systems and you’ll learn that technology like variable speed motors and multi-stage valves boost efficiency (AFUE ratings) and make gas furnaces smart, economical choices.

If space is an issue, packaged units are unique solutions. The entire system installs outside on the roof, in a crawl space or on the ground. You can even choose a hybrid packaged system that combines a heat pump and a gas furnace.

But if it’s heat and “looks” you’re after, indoor fireplaces win every time. Mini-split air conditioner heat pumps are strong contenders with their sleek and slender indoor fan coils, but a ventless decorative fireplace steals the show. Along with elegance and cachet, they provide supplemental heat to your room

Hang one on the wall or choose a free-standing bioethanol ventless, smoke-free fireplace and move it from room to room. The fact that decorative fireplaces provide on-demand space heat means you can supplement your main heating system by placing a fireplace in any or all of your favorite rooms.

And who says heating units are only meant for indoors? Choose an outdoor fire pit and you’ll add square footage to your living space. Make outdoor entertainment a year-round activity with a fire pit that is maintenance-free, withstands the weather and always creates an inviting environment.

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